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“My Dryer vent almost caught on fire. It over heated and we didn’t know in the beginning what the problem was. After we googled the issue we called Neo Dryer vent cleaning and we were shocked by the amount of dirt and lint they took out. The technician was fast efficient and affordable. Practically saved our house. Highly recommended”


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Dryer Vent Cleaning Near Me in Philadelphia

With every added ounce of amassed lint, the dryer begins to lose efficiency and shouts out for dryer vent cleaning. Beyond the fire hazard that this pose, it additionally costs one when the electricity bill comes due every month. If it’s been more than a year since you installed a dryer or had clean dryer vent, it’s perhaps time to have them inspected with Neo dryer vent cleaning. We offer a better deal than anywhere else you’ll find in Philadelphia, PA.
The dryer functions by eliminating moisture during the heating of wet laundry. Fundamentally the moisture is held in the warm air produced by the dryer in the form of moisture. Our professional dryer vent cleaning near me service will make sure the dryer vent system releases heat and humidity. If left unattended, this will become a grave fire hazard. It’s worth fixing.
We provide dryer vent service while educating customers about dryer fire prevention and how often dryer vent should be cleaned. We enlighten that a full load of wet clothes covers about a half a gallon of water. Lint is shed from clothing as water is detached during the drying process. About half of the lint is caught by the changeable screen and the rest becomes imprisoned inside the dryer and dryer duct. The moist lint begins to line the inside of the duct where it appeals more lint and forms a hard paste that clogs the system. Soon, the combustible lint can catch fire and rapidly destroy a home. Thus, we help our customer to understand the importance of this part of the cleaning. Maximize your dryer’s efficiency! Call and schedule dryer vent cleaning service today.

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